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Million Dollar Bills Greeting Card Success Starter Kit More Million $ Products
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Million Dollar Bills
To Get Attention and Be Remembered


  • Standard Bill: As Shown Here

  • Pack of 100 (Minimum Order)

  • Quantity Discounts (See Below)

  • Custom Imprinting - Two Options

Unit Cost
                    Plus Shipping
When you present someone with a Million Dollar Bill...

They have predictable reactions:
  • It always gets their attention.
  • They always smile and thank you.
  • They usually ask you questions about it.
  • They treasure it and never throw it away.
  • They always remember who gave it to them.
  • They always show it to others, and even tell where they got it.
  • They may even ask for a few extras to pass on to family and friends.
  • Many inquire where to get them to use in their business and personal life.
  • Now when was the last time you got this kind of response?
    Customize Your Million Dollar Bills
    Use as a Business Card, Promotional Message, Advertisement, or Attention-Getter. You can personalize the bills yourself with your own computer and printer, stickers, stamps, etc., OR, order professional custom printing with your information ...
    And See...
    Million Dollar Greeting Card

    Enclose your Million Dollar Bill in this specially designed cards and make your Bills even MORE effective ...

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