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Million Dollar Greeting Card
Make Your Million Dollar Bills Even More Effective
NEW Design
  • Vibrant graphics in four color gloss finish.
  • Folded size 5"x7" on high quality card stock.
  • Comes with bright white envelopes.
  • A fraction of the cost of other fine greeting
        cards availabe in traditional stores.

  • Inside Blank --
  • Say it your way with a personal note and
        signed in your own handwriting.
  • Add a Million Dollar Bill, and your business
        card when appropriate.

  • Use This Professional Looking Greeting Card...

    - To Follow Up Appointments:
    "Thanks a Million...for taking the time to meet with me."

    After Closing a Sale:
    "Thanks a Million...for your business."

    After Getting a Referral:
    "Thanks a Million...for the referral."

    For Many Other Nice Things People Do:
    "Thanks a Million...for being there when I needed you."
    "...for all the extra effort you made."
    "...for your support on this project."
    "...for caring when it counts."
    "...for your hospitality."
    "...for your phone call."
    "...for just being you."

    And don't forget to put a Million Dollar Bill in all your other cards -- for Birthdays,
    Anniversaries, Graduations, Holiday Greetings, and many other such occasions.

    Greeting Card Pricing Chart:
    Cost Per Card
    Please Call
    Special Offer...Success Starter Kit
    100 Cards & Envelopes
    Plus 100 FREE Million Dollar Bills!
    SAVE $25.00
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