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Answers to Questions Most Often Asked
Q. Is it legal?
A. Yes!
But it is obviously not real currency. This is the most often asked question by a person seeing one for the first time. Our Million Dollar Bill is not only legal, it has official U.S. Government approval. First, it has an approved Copyright (Number VA777-015, dated May 30,1996), from the Library of Congress. Second, and much more important, the Counterfeit Division, U.S. Secret Service, has conducted periodic formal reviews and each time officially approved this specific bill, in writing. You can use this Million Dollar Bill with complete confidence that you are not violating any U.S. law.

Q. Is there such a thing as a real Million Dollar Bill?
A. No, and there never has been.
This is the second most often asked question. According to the Information Please Almanac, the Federal Government has never printed a bill larger than $100,000 (this bill was only used to transfer money between the Federal Reserve System and Treasury Department). The largest bill they ever printed, for public use, was a $10,000 bill, which they stopped printing in 1969. The largest bill printed since then, and in current circulation, is $100.

Q. What are they used for?
A. There are "millions" of business and personal uses.
This is the third most often asked question. Use them to get attention for your business, to make an impression, to be remembered, to say "Thanks a Million" for "millions" of reasons, to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, etc., etc., or to simply bring a smile and make someone happier for a moment -- to make their day. Just think about all the ways you can use them.

Q. How are they used?
A. Millions of ways!
And this is the fourth most often asked question. The answer requires an extensive response so a special section of this Website is devoted to providing you with specific "How To Use" Tips.

Q. Where can I get my own Million Dollar Bill?
A. This is the most important question!
   You can order Million Dollar Bills by calling toll free, or by fax, or by mail. Find out how.

Q. Can I Customize the Million Dollar Bills?
A. Yes. 
By customizing the bills you can use them as business cards, for advertising or promotional messages, anything. The easiest, and least expensive way, is to simply apply a label, sticker, or stamp to your bills with whatever information you desire. Or, you can order custom printed Million Dollar Bills with your own contact information. Here is how.

Q. What about "compliance" issues in the financial services industry?
A. It should not be necessary to obtain approval.
A brief answer is that the compliance issue pertains to what you say or imply -- not the Million Dollar Bill itself. A more detailed answer, for those who are interested, is provided separately.

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