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Tips from Users -- Feedback
Tips for Using Million Dollar Bills
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Tips from Users -- Feedback
These "Marketing and Sales Tools" Are Proven to Work:

    "I send the million dollar bill attached to as many as fifty letters per week to owners of businesses doing over $5 million in sales, most within 100 miles of my office. Almost all will need insurance for business continuation and estate planning. The names come from referrals, personal observation and business directories. I pay someone an hourly rate to follow up and set up appointments, which I have found is much easier because of the million dollar bill. I have been using these bills for years with great results. I also hand them out to other agents at seminars I give all over the world.”
Marvin H. Feldman, The Feldman Agency,
2002 President, MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table)
    “Opening a million dollar greeting card and finding a million dollar bill inside was so exciting and so different. Everybody in my office loved it and I called the person who sent it right away.”
Paige Wheeler, President, Creative Media Agency
    “The million dollar bills certainly get a prospect’s attention and open both doors and minds. I use them in my training seminars for insurance agents and regularly provide new ideas on how to use them in my various newsletters for the financial services industry.”
Howard Wight, Seminar Speaker and Author of
How to Create and Save a Fortune Using Life Insurance
    "The million dollar bill is the most successful and most consistent attention getter I've ever used. I use it for every promotion hoping to be remembered and it works! I use it for a business card and I think it is the first business card everyone takes time to examine. I use it for fun, particularly when tipping for excellent service. I give the person the real cash tip first so they know they are appreciated and then I give the million dollar bill and thank them for million dollar service. They pocket the cash, stare at the million dollar bill and smile! So for consistent PR, to be remembered, to have fun, to make a point stick, the million dollar bill works like, well... a million dollars!"
Leo Petrini, Co-Founder, WebFootedFriends.com
    “I send the million dollar bills to say, ‘Thanks a Million for your business.’ I also send them in all of the birthday cards that I send to my clients. When a child turns 16, I add a note saying, ‘Here is a million to help pay for your car insurance.’ I am often asked if the bills are real. I reply Yes, they are! And if anyone gives you change, don't go back.”
Bob Priganc, Insurance Agent
    “I used the million-dollar bills as a give-away at two trade shows recently, and they were a huge hit. Everyone who took one asked if they could have a few more -- for their children, their grandchildren, or just to have fun with by flaunting them. It reached a point where people came by our booth and said ‘Oh, you're the ones with the million dollar bills! We've been looking for you!’
    “I’ve also used them as enclosures in a mass mailing to several thousand people. And, I send one to every new customer, together with a small thank you card, and write ‘Thanks a million for your order!’ on the card. I use them as prizes and in contests in training programs and give them out to trainees at the end of the class so they'll always have my 800 number if they need to ask me follow-up questions.”
Barbara R. Blakeslee, President,
The Blakeslee Group, Inc.
    “This has really been an ice breaker for me and always gets a smile. Plus, no one ever, or rarely, throws away my card!”
Wayne Bradshaw, Insurance Agent
    "They are so helpful to use as a ‘thank you’ both to customers, and folks that do work for me every day. It truly turns heads, and opens doors in my travels around the world! Thanks ‘a million’ for adding fun to my life, and ‘making’ so many people’s day!”
Peter Parts, Owner, Peter Parts Electronics, Inc.
    “One of the primary ways I have been using the million dollar bill is in my direct mail solicitations for annuity business, and I can attribute over $500,000 in sales directly to this bill. I also send them with thanks a million handwritten notes to clients, associates, and members of various professional and civic organizations that I interact with regularly. The million dollar bill brings me more referrals than any other single thing I do."
    “When I have campaigned for elected positions in various organizations, I had million dollar bills customized with my picture on the front. I handed them out for recognition and to get votes and they gave me a real leg up on my competition. It was not inexpensive but I've won each time. Now I use that one only, for all my business, and I'm into a second large quantity reorder.”
Ernest B. Whichard, Jr., Insurance Agent,
Trustee for NAIFA; Past President, NCAIFA
    “A powerful tool for making big money in sales.”
Jeffrey Gitomer, Sales Trainer and
Author of The Sales Bible
    “I mostly use the million dollar bill in direct personal contact situations to visually make a point. When talking with a prospect, or just about anyone for that matter, I simply pull a bill from my pocket and say, ‘You know, you will earn a million or more during a lifetime. If you die from an accident or illness, that earning potential dies with you. If you give me permission to write an annuity plan and policy for you, if anything ever happens to you, I will give your family that million dollars. If you live a full normal lifetime and retire, I'll give a good portion of it directly to you.’ I can honestly say the impact is compelling and I have written many policies because of it. Besides, I have lots of grandchildren who just love getting those million dollar bills on their birthdays.”
James Hamilton, Insurance Agent
    “I sent out a pre-trade show mailer with a picture of the million dollar bill and an offer of one free for just stopping by our exhibit. We had more traffic in our booth than any other on our aisle, which gave us the opportunity to expose many more people to our products and services than would have ever been possible without this bill. Thanks a million for the idea . . . and, your terrific service.”
Susan Jackson, Business Manager, SJSoftware
    “An incredibly simple yet effective way to set yourself apart, reach more clients and make more money in sales.”
Gerhard Gschwandtner, Publisher Selling Power Magazine
    "We send the bills to new prospects with a card saying, ‘Here's your first million, call and make an appointment to get started on your second!’ We also send some to existing clients with, ‘Your business is worth a million to us.’
    “A farmer I gave a bill to was back in to see me last week. He told me about riding around with his neighbor who he had been negotiating with to purchase a farm that joined him. He said after many hours of bartering, he finally agreed to pay $800,000 and pulled out the million dollar bill and asked him for change! He also travels to south Texas in the winter and tries to pay for his meals with the bill just for kicks.
    “I'll be taking some of my bills to an upcoming function at the local college to hand out with my business cards. I think they will be a hit with the students, and at the very least they will remember where they got them.
    “It was a pleasure visiting with you. You were very helpful and that's always a reason to continue to do business with a company. I will look forward to reordering my next ‘million.’ Thanks!”
Robbie Gilbert, Investment Representative
    “At a recent party I filled a net with million dollar bills. When we cut it loose and the guests saw what came floating down, the whole place exploded with excitement in the scramble to get their share. Everyone took one or more million dollar bills home and the party has been a topic of conversation for the past 6 months.”
Cindi Jerore, Wife, Mother of 3 Boys,
Community Volunteer, and Master Party Organizer
    “I love the quality of the bills, as they look and feel almost real. The artwork is obviously superb and the plates and printing are equally impressive.”
Jay Culotta, Wealth Coach
    “I am amazed at the great ways that I have adopted the use of the million dollar bills. I have often remarked how, in any other situation it would be an impossibility to get your business card in someone's hand, and it’s now easy. For instance, after playing a round of golf with someone I meet for the first time, I can take one out of my pocket and remark ‘thanks for the million dollar round of golf.’
    “Or in line at the post office, I overheard a woman tell her daughter to ‘smile.’ I turned around and took one out and said that I bet if she did, it would be a ‘million dollar smile.’ That got a big grin, and the woman looked at the back of it and said, ‘My husband and I were just talking about life insurance. I will have him give you a call.’
    “I put them in my clients’ birthday cards, and leave them with wait persons at restaurants (in addition to regular tip!), and overall just have a good time with them. Like I said, giving out a regular business card would be difficult to impossible, and yet the million dollar bill will be kept by the person you give it to.”
Bob Leith, Life Insurance Agent
    “At my wedding last month I included a million dollar bill with each of the small gifts to members of my wedding party. I also tucked one inside each ‘thanks a million’ note I sent to everyone who gave us a wedding present. The response has been delightful and much more memorable for all.”
Leslie Carey, Newlywed

How do you use them and what's your results  Send Us Your Feedback...

Tips For...
Using Your Million Dollar Bills for Profit and Fun

Great For Business Uses
Make More and Bigger Sales...Now!  Discover the Secrets of Top Sales People
  • Attention Getter - Attach a Million Dollar Bill to the top of the first page of prospecting letters or promotional literature. It will insure your message always get read.
  • Door Opener - This Million Dollar Bill sets you apart from all the clutter and gets right to the "bottom line." Money talks! Who doesn't want more financial resources, a more prosperous life -- wealth?
  • Response Generator - The Million Dollar Bill creates curiosity... and compels action. Your prospects will respond to your offer, call you for a change, or sign up for your event.
  • Visual Confirmation - The Million Dollar Bill illustrates complex concepts in simple, real dollar terms. It can also represent the real value of something. For example, when an insurance agent puts them in the front of the portfolio when he delivers a new policy.
  • Follow-Up and Relationship Builder - Send with note cards saying Thanks a Million
    for your time…your interest…your business…your referrals. Also send a bill on their birthday, holidays, or whenever you can reappear on their radar.
  • Networking Device - Great ice-breaker and conversation starter. It makes a positive first impression. Give out Million Dollar Bills with your business card to serve as a memory-jogger when you follow up.
  • Smile Stimulators - Always brings a smile...followed by curiosity. People never throw a Million Dollar Bill away. They always remember who gave it to them. They always show it to others. And, they always tell where they got it. They may even ask for a few extras to pass on to others. Now when was the last time you got that kind of referral and personal endorsement?
Great for Personal Uses Too!
Make Someone Feel Like a Million Today!
  • For Family and Friends, both adults and children, include a Million Dollar Bill with a card or note. It is a unique and memorable way to say "Thanks a Million" for their support…their love…their smile…their laughter...their phone call ...their achievement. And of course on their birthday, anniversary, during the holidays…and lots more.
  • For business associates, co-workers, staff, volunteers, and other colleagues who deserve a special "Thanks a Million" for their services... their efforts... their help... sacrifices... and so on.
  • For many other nice people who pass through your life that deserve a "Thanks a Million" for their "extra" service: Waiter or waitress, sales clerk, bellman, driver, parking attendant, flight attendant, delivery person...anyone who does more than "just their job" and has a great attitude.
More Ideas for Using Million Dollar Bills:

When ... Where....With What:
Ad Teaser Events Mother's Day Store Sale
Anniversaries Exhibitions Outings Trade Shows
Appointment Cards Father's Day Parties Training Classes
Birthdays Flyers Promotions Tournaments
Business Cards Fund Raisers Recognition Tours
Campaigning Gifts Recruiting Drive Weddings
Coupons Grand Openings Retirements And,
Demonstrations Holidays Sales Calls Just for Fun
Direct Mail Incentives Secretary Day Anytime,
Entertainment Meetings Stocking Stuffers Anywhere

Who & How:
Feel like a Million Again ------- Spas and resorts, therapists, gyms, fitness trainers, nutritionists, weight loss programs...
Look like a Million Again ------- Everyone in the "appearance" business: clothing retailers, plastic surgeons, beauty salons, hair salons, and many others....
Save Millions in Taxes ------- Accountants, tax preparers, financial advisors, insurance agents...
Live Like a Millionaire ------- Real estate agents, yacht dealers, luxury car dealers, all lifestyle marketers...
For Million Dollar Advice ------- Financial Advisors, Business Consultants...
For a Million Dollar Smile ------- Dental professionals and clinics...
Live Like a Millionaire ------- Real estate agents, yacht dealers, luxury car dealers, all lifestyle marketers...
Are You Worth a Million? ------- Insurance agents, financial advisors, attorneys...
A Million Dollar Producer ------- Real estate agent, consultants...
Millions of Dollars to Loan ------- Banks, mortgage brokers, any lending institution...
A Million Dollar Deal ------- Investment brokers, and many other advisors and offers...
A Million Dollar Idea ------- Ad agencies, PR firms, financial advisors, speakers, sales trainers...
A Million Dollar Experience ------- Travel agents, vacation properties, tour operators, restaurants...
A Million Dollar Inventory ------- Any retail sale, car dealers, furniture store...

See one you can use? Can you think of another that's not here? Tell Us

What NOT To Do?
  • Don't put this on your "To Do" list and then keep moving it down in priority for when you can get around to it. Order Your Million Dollar Bills NOW!
  • Don't stash these sales tools away in your desk drawer because you are too busy to use them right now. Put them on "top" of your desk to help you remember to add them to your correspondence every day. And, carry them in your wallet and give out at least three each day.
  • What Else You Should DO?
    Make the Million Dollar Bills even more effective!
    Use them with the Million Dollar Business Greeting Cards

    Tips For...
    Using Your Million Dollar Greeting Cards
    To Impress and Compel a Response

    Million Dollar Greeting Cards simplify your use of the Million Dollar Bills and make them even more effective. They will help you get appointments, follow up meetings, get referrals, and thank people for all kinds of reasons.  Get your FREE copy of the following Tips & Tactics Guidelines with your order and use the cards with your Million Dollar Bills to make sure you get through to your clients easier, and get results.
    • Dive Right In! You now have an excellent communication tool that has proven to significantly increase sales. Don't wait for the perfect situation. Put your Million Dollar Bills and Greeting Cards to use right away and watch your sales activity and your response rates start to grow.

    • Always Enclose A Million Dollar Bill. Used together, your Cards and Million Dollar Bills are even more powerful! Just add a note and your business card, as appropriate.

    • Power of 3. We call this a daily habit of creative behavior. Get into the habit of sending at least 3 Cards every business day. Sending only 3 Cards per day adds up to 60 personal communications per month - about 750 per year. And, if you include a Million Dollar Bill inside each Card, by the end of the year, you will have sent $750,000,000!

    • Get More Appointments Attach a Million Dollar Bill to your prospecting letters to get attention and to motivate a prospect to want to meet with you. For example, a sales trainer might say, "We turn average sales people into Million Dollar producers! Looking forward to meeting with you and learning more about your company and how we can help your sales team."

    • Follow Up with Thanks a Million … "for taking the time to meet with me" Card and Million Dollar Bill.  Equip your briefcase with plenty of Cards, Bills, stamps and envelopes. Immediately after a meeting, sit down (in the lobby, your car, etc.) and write out a Card thanking the prospect for their time. Your creativity and promptness will "wow" people.

    • Be Persistent. For prospects who aren't responding to your phone calls, you need to do something different while tactfully maintaining contact. Here's an example of what you might write inside your card,Thanks a Million... "For considering our proposal.  Just wanted to keep in touch. Please call if you have any questions."

    • Keep the Momentum Going! Be proactive about asking for referrals.  If you don't ask…you don't get! It's common courtesy to send a Thanks a Million... Card after the fact.

    • Send a Million Dollar Thank-You! World-famous sales trainer, Tom Hopkins, says this about Thank-You's: "Always thank people, do it right away, and do it in writing." Send a Thanks a Million... Card and Bill in any given situation, just to keep in touch. People will always remember that Card, the Million Dollar Bill, and you, in a positive way.

    • Follow Up in a Timely Manner. Two days is too soon and two weeks is far too long before your follow-up call. It's best to call people 3-5 business days after sending your Card.

    • Get Past the Gatekeeper. When you follow up with a call and the gatekeeper asks you, "What is your call regarding?" Instead of saying that it's regarding insurance, real estate, office equipment (or whatever you do), respond by saying, "It's regarding the Million Dollar Bill I sent. Is he in?"

    • Reminder Systems Work. Use some sort of tickler system and/or contact management software to help you keep track of who you sent a Card to, and the date you will follow up with a phone call.

    • Envelope Tips. In order to make your Card as personal as possible, do not use a postage meter or include a company name in your return address. Instead, use some of the eye-catching, self-stick stamps available at the post office. Then simply write your name, street address, suite number, city, state, and zip code as a return address. This way, your mail is less likely to disappear into a pile.

    • Out of Sight - Out of Mind. Your Millions can't help you, or anyone else, if you don't use them! Keep these Tips and your Million Dollar Bills and Cards close by, on your desk or by your phone for quick access. Using these tips on a regular basis will help you communicate more successfully.  And, your sales will reflect that success.
    Order Your Million Dollar Bills and Greeting Cards Today

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