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History of American Money Exhibit
Money hasn't always looked like it does today. Explore the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's American Currency Exhibit online and watch history come alive as you step back in time to our nation's beginning. Learn how our country's rich history is closely tied with our currency. Discover the role the Federal Reserve has played--and continues to play--in that history. Visit: www.frbsf.org/currency/index.html

Secrets of Making (real) Money
PBS companion Website to the NOVA program "Secrets of Making Money." The program follows the U.S. Treasury and the Secret Service on a joint mission to stay ahead of counterfeiters and make a better, more hi-tech buck. Covers anatomy of a bill, history of money, digital cash, bogus bill, resources, update to program, teacher's guide, transcript.
Visit: www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/moolah/

All About U.S. Currency
Everything you could possibly want to know about authentic U.S. currency. All the facts (and FAQs) from history to trivia plus interesting information about our new currency and the battle with counterfeiting. The official Website of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, U.S. Department of the Treasury is: www.bep.treas.gov

The Great Seal of the United States.
Long-rumored to be the symbol of an age-old cabal, the so-called "Great  Seal" gracing the back of the $1 bill is carefully examined at this Website. From the all-seeing eye hovering above a pyramid to the Latin phrase
"E pluribus unum" clutched in the eagle's beak, every detail is addressed with a well-researched explanation.
Go to: www.GreatSeal.com

Learning Vault
The Treasury Department's educational Website for students and teachers and to provide factual information for use in schools, libraries and homes where the learning process takes place. Visit: www.treas.gov/education

Just for Kids
Discover all the places for kids to learn about the Treasury and other Government Websites on the Internet. Visit: www.treas.gov/kids/

All About Counterfeiting
Although they now have other roles, the Secret Service's original mandate was to investigate the counterfeiting of U.S. currency. The primary mission is to safeguard the payment and financial systems of the United States through the enforcement of the counterfeiting statutes to preserve the integrity of United States currency, coin and financial obligations. Visit their Counterfeit Division's Website that provides a range of information from their history to "how to detect counterfeit money."
Visit: www.treas.gov/usss/counterfeit.shtml

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